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Odesk Account Deleted!

I’ve had it with Odesk. I deleted my account.

As a user looking for freelancers, it was an OK site for me. Yeah, I got some crappy freelancers who didn’t deliver and wasted my time. But I found some good ones too. In the end though, it was the shitty end of the stick that freelancers get that had me first hiding my profile from any new client solicitation and then deleting the whole thing altogether.

I had my profile hidden for about a year. I kept it because I had two or three great reviews from clients. But before that, I had takenĀ  took on some work that was woefully underpaid and ended up being micromanaged. I completed 2/3 of the project, hating every minute of it, until the project got put on hold. I took on other projects until 4 or 5 months later, the neck breather client contacts me and wants me to begin work again immediately and in earnest. I declined and said please pass this onto someone else, I have taken other work. The truth was, it was so underpaid I had no interest in doing a good job and didn’t care to be paid anymore as long as the thing would just go away. My fault – I never should have agreed to such a project. But then the client (who was a former school teacher and treated freelancers like 9 year olds) sent a long, emotional email threatening me –though I can’t recall what the threat was anymore. She later asked for money BACK which I just gave without saying much because at this point I just wanted her to go away. It was such a small amount I didn’t care anyway. I hid my profile and didn’t look at it for 6-7 months.

I checked it last week and teacher-lady left a long , self absorbed review of my work. No one could see it so who cares, but the worst was – I couldn’t leave any feedback for her! I was ready to leave it at even – I wasted days and days worth of menial work essentially with no pay and she didn’t get a completed project. Fair enough, call it even. But then she left a negative review so I was ready to retaliate, but no feedback links for freelancers! Freelancers must leave feedback first and I declined. So bye-bye Odesk!

I still use Elance, though they have recently joined forces with Odesk. Let’s see if they go downhill too.



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Odesk is crap

Hi ya’ll.

ODesk is crap. It is the worst of the worst as far as project sites go for freelancers.

On the other hand, if you are a contractor with a project, it’s sort of great, because the third or fourth freelancer person you hire for the same job will turn out to be decent and they will ask a ridiculously low hourly rate or project fee. Which is exactly what you can expect to make as a freelancer.

In addition to making next to no money, Odesk will skim 10 percent of BOTH sides, meaning if you charge 40 bucks an hour, Odesk displays your fee as 44.00, the extra 4 bucks going to them. When you get a payout, Odesk will then rape you for another 10 percent. So your rate is really 36 an hour.

Your competition, no matter what line of service you are offering, will be offering rates of $5.55 an hour. (They will suck at whatever it is they do, but contracting companies haven’t realized that yet for the most part). So when they start to compare the average hourly or 11 dollars an hour against yours, you will either be

a) overlooked

b) low-balled, or

c) otherwise swindled into a fixed rate project that will then take 22x the estimated amount of time to finish or it will actually never end.

Elance is only slightly better in terms of quality clients, projects and minimal ouch factor when it comes to taking your wage. The rest of them, especially the pay to access project sites, are total bullshit.

My advice: Stay away.

– bitter employee