My leadership rant

I have taken a lot of jobs for the novel experience, even if they didn’t pay much or seemed like a strange choice. I’ve served banquets and beers, been a diver on boats, taught horse riding lessons and cleaned rooms on cruise ships. I’ve also worked in offices for over ten years in a white collar capacity, after getting my MA in a business related field.

So it was inevitable that I would encounter some great leadership and some horrendous leadership.  Sometimes a terrible boss is at least good fodder for stories, especially when they have ridiculously outdated hair, or are just a plain idiots. Like when your boss asks what kind of soup zuppo di giorno is in an Italian restaurant, then says How do you know that? when you explain that it means soup of the day in Italian. Or when your boss sends a demanding email to you stating that your work needs to be in sink (rather than in synch) with so and so’s work, which would have you gnashing your teeth with frustration but for the fact that she copied the VP of the department in the email to try to intimidate you, but unknowingly presented herself ever more clearly as the fool she is to the rest of the company. Or when you tell your boss you don’t have a TV and they respond with “…well what do you do at night??”

But other other jobs with sucky leadership are run by mediocre people who are just paranoid enough to surround themselves with enough ass lickers to protect themselves. They are either of average intelligence or are otherwise threatened by ability and brains, so they keep half assed yes men as their protection and their pawns. And then there is nothing entertaining about them at all, so you just have to get out as soon as you can.

Don’t forget the plain clueless – the old school leaders who won’t keep up with technology or stay current in their field. They don’t even know they have fallen behind the eight ball because they operate in the old paradigm where you obtain your position and just keep doing it the same way forevermore. They are lost causes, and yet, companies still keep them around. I am guessing they were relevant at one point, then learned to be good ass lickers.

As freelancers we don’t really have bosses per se. But we do sometimes have to deal with leaders of companies, so this blog post is totally applicable, in a roundabout way.



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