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I do have a life outside of your project…

I client I never should have taken on sent me an email last weekend, not an usual occurrence, as she emails me just about daily and constantly wants to talk on Skype, but this latest correspondence really chapped my hide. This is the ninth (yes 9th) round of edits to some poorly written information that no one will pay attention to, but every feels like they have to leave their mark on. Thus:

Client: Hi, here are 1000 useless comments in the attached file, I even changed some things back that I changed the first time around. I included three paragraph explanations about the exact way I want the tables to look instead of actually demonstrating it for you. I also railed endlessly on why things should not be the way you outlined them but offered no indication of what I actually want. I also added a new topic, which will add to the scope of the project but I will just ignore that fact. Can I have all these changes by tomorrow?

Me: Tomorrow is Sunday, so no.

Client: I thought freelancers don’t have traditional work schedules, which is why they become freelancers.

Me: Yes, as you can see, I am replying to you on a Saturday. My schedule is non-traditional which allows me to be responsive like that. But you email me daily and I do choose to take a day away from the computer here and there for my sanity. You’ll have this Monday night.



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Odesk is crap

Hi ya’ll.

ODesk is crap. It is the worst of the worst as far as project sites go for freelancers.

On the other hand, if you are a contractor with a project, it’s sort of great, because the third or fourth freelancer person you hire for the same job will turn out to be decent and they will ask a ridiculously low hourly rate or project fee. Which is exactly what you can expect to make as a freelancer.

In addition to making next to no money, Odesk will skim 10 percent of BOTH sides, meaning if you charge 40 bucks an hour, Odesk displays your fee as 44.00, the extra 4 bucks going to them. When you get a payout, Odesk will then rape you for another 10 percent. So your rate is really 36 an hour.

Your competition, no matter what line of service you are offering, will be offering rates of $5.55 an hour. (They will suck at whatever it is they do, but contracting companies haven’t realized that yet for the most part). So when they start to compare the average hourly or 11 dollars an hour against yours, you will either be

a) overlooked

b) low-balled, or

c) otherwise swindled into a fixed rate project that will then take 22x the estimated amount of time to finish or it will actually never end.

Elance is only slightly better in terms of quality clients, projects and minimal ouch factor when it comes to taking your wage. The rest of them, especially the pay to access project sites, are total bullshit.

My advice: Stay away.

– bitter employee