Client Types: HR Lady

I have a few clients that I do regular work for. One of my favorites is one I will call HR Lady.

I love HR Lady. She is disorganized and doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. Which means she hands everything challenging over to me and takes care of the administrative stuff. It’s like having and admin, expect she tells me the projects and manages the meetings with her employers/clients and I do the real work. It’s perfect!

Except her follow through is crap. And getting her to pay is a pain in the ass. Sometimes, fortunately not lately, her checks bounce. Most of the time she just doesn’t bother to send payment until the fourth or fifth time I ask her to. I always have to send the invoices two and three times, because she loses them. And I think she really does lose them.

It’s also tough to have a meeting with her. She gets sidetracked instantly during phone calls.  She is employed full time and has no idea what she is doing, like I said, so she relies on contractors to do her work for her. But she can’t use technology, can’t articulate what she wants and doesn’t even know what she needs–which is great because I am good at defining what a client needs based on a few key words. With HR lady, I have to interrupt her to ask the questions and am constantly steering her back to the conversation at hand. In every phone call you will hear me say:

“In the interest of time, let me just ask you about this part of the project.”

“Sorry to interrupt, I just want to get back to the first question…”

“I know you need to hang up in 5 minutes so can you tell me if ________ has been developed already or do you need that too?”

But I’ll take scatterbrained HR Lady any day over the lying, manipulative morons who expect 40 hours of work to be done in 10!



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